Why Women Are More Apt To Imbibe When Renovating Your Mind Finds That Fermented Fruit Does More Than Just Get The Bees Buzzed


Did you know that in the fall as temperatures start dropping, fermented fruit that is “going bad” is a favorite for bees. You may notice that stinging incidents go up dramatically as wasted insects get nasty with humans that venture just to close to them for comfort. These overripe pieces of rotting fruit turn into a vat of alcoholic utopia for those little stinging buzzers.

It doesn’t take a fall in temperature to get a woman to uncork that bottle of wine. It starts out as an excuse to relax, then it proceeds to pouring out multiple glasses. Women binge drinkers are no longer just those in their 20’s. The category has been expanding to women in the 40-60 age category. Females now purchase over 55% of the wine sold in this country. That comes to about 440 million gallons of fruit of the vine for a nice mental liftoff. Count down in mission control (in the brain’s cerebellum and frontal lobes), throttle back to 3-2-1, PLASTERED!


You will find on Facebook the group, “Moms Who Need Wine” count up to 651,000 participants and still going strong.

Women are stressed out because many are working full-time and often juggling a household too. The more educated the woman, the higher the stress level of the job. Therefore maximum amounts of relaxation are dosed out as multiple glasses of vino. Alternatives are now diversified in Oregon and Colorado where they can utilize marijuana legally to kick back from the stress. In the other states, the only solution to a very short-term cure is alcohol. Women are most apt to make a choice from the wine selections.


A sign for higher amounts of drinking in women are drunk driving records. The arrest rate has increased about 30% within the last 10 years. Men caught driving under the influence arrests have decreased almost 10% in the same time period.

Women have a triple physiological reason for getting drunker faster than men. Women produce less of an enzyme that helps breakdown alcohol than men. Also, women have breasts, a good thing for men, but a bad thing for retaining the hypnotic effects of alcohol. Effects linger longer in fatty tissue which women usually have more of than men. In addition, men are usually heavier and taller. This allows for higher amounts of alcohol ingestion before men are down under the influence of the spirit.

Alcohol is used as self-medication for many women. It is much easier than going to the doctor for a prescription medication or joining a group of fellow alcoholics. They can hide behind the bottle and no one seems to notice. At least for a while, they can pretend that nothing is wrong and be a fully functioning alcoholic.

Some women stay on the straight and narrow path of no more than 1-2 drinks per night. Others, cross over into 3 or more drinks as a regular daily ritual of total relaxation. Deciding to go for therapy is a tough road. A.A. (Alcoholic Anonymous) is designed more for men than women. The program is based on admitting that one has a superior attitude over everyone else. If you spill all your beans at the meeting it will help diffuse your ego, therefore making it easier to quit. That doesn’t have the same meaning with most women.

Women are different as alcohol lowers their inhibitions giving them hope to change their feelings. Those feelings of inferiority to men and a lack of ego are fixed with doses of alcohol. Wine is the perfect short-term solution to bandage their festering emotional wounds. Although, the liver, the brain and ultimately your life and those around you will suffer greatly over the long-term.

There are excellent solutions for treatment that include medications. These prescription products will safely dampen the cravings for alcohol. There are also successful interventions and one-on-one therapy for women with health care professionals that specialize in this lifestyle disorder.

Millions of Americans have this problem and less than 9% go for treatment. First, recognizing the abnormal indulgence and realizing you need help is the first step to a complete rehabilitation solution.

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  1. I never realized this before. I guess I am one of the rare ones, either that or because I am a stay at home mom. I think also because of personality traits is why I rarely drank in my early 20’s and now since I have a strong relationship with God, I don’t have a desire to drink. But mostly this is true from the stress level of people, but some rare people don’t drink just for zero desire alone. Thanks for sharing this information.


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