Renovating Your Mind Issues A Call For Help Due To My Current Economic Dilemma


My earnings switched over to state unemployment for Aug. 2012 in North Carolina when the pharmacy I managed was sold. I still have not been able to locate a full-time position. Speaking to potential employers over the past year, Renovating Your Mind finds them very reluctant to allocate 32 or more hours per week for any new associates. Why? They don’t want to pay out any benefits, medical or otherwise.

My education has taken me through 9 years of college and graduate school. My experience over the last 25 years is extensive with regards to nutrition and pharmacology. That no longer matters to corporate business. Cheaper labor is the focus instead of vast experience out in the field. If corporate can get away with it, even college education may one day be fully thrown aside. Employers lower costs by any means possible. They will outsource, hire a temp. or lay off some of the present workforce to keep showing increasing profits. From their perspective, this is nothing personal, just all about dollars. The scenario never made sense to me, but Wall Street always gives them a standing ovation.

Last Thanksgiving, I started new a life journey on-line as a blogger. I wanted to make a difference in everyone’s life, including my own. My girlfriend convinced me that I should get a blog on WordPress. I began on my venture to make readers more aware of what is going on in our world. Trying to stick mainly with health, medications and nutrition, but going off topic if my feelings were strong about other issues.

In the pharmacy, I would interact personally with at least 250 patients a week . With my portal into your home, I have the potential to reach up to 2 1/2 billion people daily. That is such an exciting opportunity as more and more readers find Renovating Your Mind. Think of the impact of writing a blog that is available throughout the world. This is fast becoming the classroom of the future.

Then people started asking me about the financial situation of my blog. “How much money are you making to write these articles?” was the most common question I got about doing this gig. My answer is that writing is fascinating. I’m thrilled to learn something new every day. Excitement for me is to see my readers coming back and visiting again at Renovating Your Mind. This a priceless experience. Finally, I answered their question with “no, I am not making any money doing this. I considered unemployment my pay for this blog.” That is, until


Fed unemployment ends in the state on 6/30. North Carolina, by changing state unemployment rules, has stopped all federal funding for those that lost their jobs. Instead, Gov. McCrory has chosen to lower tax rates for big business. Why did I vote for this guy?

Therefore, I am asking for your help. Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated no matter what the amount. You will find the button on the uppermost right hand side of the page. This goes out to a secure site with PayPal where you can safely use any charge card.

Even if you cannot donate, please continue to spread the word about my site.

I want to thank everyone for subscribing to my blog and helping me with your visual participation.

Sending out all my appreciation to everyone.




PS. Please come join our family of bloggers at WordPress. Google also has their own version called Blogger. Share your expertise to make the world a better place.

Editorial cartoon credit-Thank you John Cole.

Editorial cartoon credit-Thank you Jeff Parker.

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  1. I know how you feel about the unemployment issue, I too lost my only source of income as of yesterday as did at least 20+ others that got layed off when I did last yr. 11 of us wrote letter to our wonderful Gov. ( Cough Cough ) about 3 weeks ago and ask for a reply as to what we were going to do with no jobs available and no income to raise our children, even offered to work for his office ( just how desperate we are for work ) Well we have yet to get any kind of reply! I guess he is too busy counting HIS money, paying his bills, shopping, taking summer vacations etc. I too wonder WHY did I vote for this guy!!! Its scary to think whats next, our already suffering economy has not seen NOTHING yet! THANKS for NOTHING N.C. for being the only state to refuse to help your citizens!!!


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