Decomplexing The Story Of The Ubiquitous Soy Has Even Renovating Your Mind Scratching His Head


Prevalent in the Asian world as tofu, edamame, miso, bean paste and tempeh are soybean or foods made from soybean.

Soy is a very controversial topic. It is contained in so many products because it is dirt cheap. In manufactured foods, the more soy used, the more profit. Food companies say that soy enhances the product but it also enriches their bank accounts.

One of the many examples of purposeful soy contamination on food market shelves is canned tuna. Tuna is very expensive. What if the tuna cannery started replacing some of the tuna with soy? That is exactly what has happened to bring in extra profit for the companies. Start reading those labels again. You will find soy in most packaged tuna.

Renovating Your Mind found an exhaustive list of edible items in your supermarket that contain soy below:

Uses Of Soy In Food Products

We are consuming way more soy than we can ever imagine. Soy is found in over 60% of the processed foods and snacks on the market. It’s a cheap feed for all butchered animals. It also contaminates dairy products since it is fed to the milking cows. Farmed-raised fish, subsists on soy that litters their feeding lagoons.

Bakeries use soy in most of their products.


Approximately 25% of all infants in the U.S. are on soy-based formula. Babies are switched to soy if they have develop an intolerance to formulas containing dairy. It is reported that babies on soy formula are ingesting a hormonal equivalent of five birth control pills daily.

Soy may also cause hormonal imbalance, infant intestinal dysfunction, and severe food allergies. The food allergies could result in intestinal dysfunction similar to a gluten intolerance with celiac disease. Majority of soy has been genetically modified (GMO) courtesy of Monsanto. This introduces another complexity of problems.

Renovating Your Mind previously wrote about the concerns of GMO foods:

Monsanto Gets Its GMO Corn Eaten By Mother Nature

Various components of soy hug the same receptors as estrogen. If breast cancer isn’t present, soy will attach into a position where estrogen normally sits and lower the chances for malignant reproduction of breast cells.

If a woman already has breast cancer, soy via its estrogen-like components may accelerate the cancer. It hooks onto the area that causes cell multiplication in place of estrogen. If this area is already cancerous, it may speed up the process but it may do it slower than regular estrogen. Soy isoflavones mimic estrogen.

Varying amounts of soy have an effect on thyroid tissue. High levels of isoflavones may lead to an anti-thyroid effect. It may cause a condition known as goiter. Goiter is a lump that forms on the thyroid gland because it’s not getting enough iodine. Baby formula manufacturers have added iodine to their products to help counteract this effect.

Soy maybe a good thing, if it were only available in small doses. Soy contamination is overwhelming the human environment enriching everything and anything. Let the buyer of any product beware of the health implications of soy overkill. Too much of a good thing can become a very bad thing.

For even more possible problems and health implications related to soy, Renovating Your Mind has included this article from Scientific America:

“Could Eating Too Much Soy Be Bad For You”


Edamame, Parboiled Soybeans

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