Daylight Saving Time, Insanity Of The Hour Shift, Is Wound Up, Courtesy Of Renovating Your Mind


Blue-DST, Orange-Used To Have DST, Red-Never Had DST

Spring forward and fall back to consistent time like the majority of the world. What’s the deal with continuing (DST) Daylight Savings Time? In the past, it has been called Daylight Slave Time because some corporations wanted their salaried employees to put in an extra hour of work. Corporate mentality even back then sucked!

One has to realize, we now have electricity and the equipment on farms including headlights and overhead illumination. Renovating Your Mind takes you into the past, present and suggests a future without artificially changing time zones.

The Romans would slow the day by increasing the minutes of the hour as summer approached. Their water clocks would be set to as little as 42 minutes to make an hour for the winter solstice and as long 75 minutes to determine an hour for summer solstice. These pre-Italians were always thinking outside the box with running water, baths and roads.


“Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” This quote is from the writer of Poor Richard’s Almanac, the inevitable Benjamin Franklin. He was the sixth president, remember…

of Pennsylvania. 🙂

This 18th century superstar published ways to awaken the public early in the morning.  Benny thought why waste the light in the morning with sleep rather than productivity.  He wanted the government to fire off cannons and ring church bells. Mr. Franklin suggested tax on window shutters too. Can you imagine if today when the sun rose, every possible device, alarm, siren went off in the world to force people to welcome in the daylight?

Cool Factor, Circa 1700’s, Where Frankie Was “Top Gun”

Most farmers were always against DST. Astonishing because my thinking was that the hour shift had been established for their benefit. DST helped ensure that more farm work was done later in the day.

Farmers wanted their hired help to start working outside as early as possible. Experience in the fields told them that it was usually cooler and less humid in the morning. More work can be done with less delay earlier, when employees are not as tired and drained from the sun. The time change delays that work.

DST was first suggested in 1895 by a bug guy (entomologist) in New Zealand. He wanted to have more time to collect his creatures after work. Mr. Hudson first proposed turning the clock ahead by two hours. Could you imagine if we had a 2 hour DST?

The United States actually started DST during both World War I and II. It stopped for a while in most states after the war and it became popular again during the Energy Crisis of the 1970’s. Since we were short on gasoline, the U.S. changed the time to give us more daylight hours to sweat at night under the sun. Great for suntan lotion companies and water utilities. President Peanut Jimmy Carter was responsible for this situation of butting heads with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to try to get back those hostages.

ron-regan-in jelly-bellies-sugar-high-president

Eventually President “Jellybean” Ronald Reagan got them back safe and sound. We never stopped DST since then.

Made Entirely Of Jelly Beans

These are all the problems associated with changing the time:


Accumulating Drool Rearing Its Ugly Head

1. Cursing increases when your time for an appointment is really not the “right time.”

2. Circadian rhythm gets all screwed up. Your biological clock sometimes goes crazy with a time change. We become more dysfunctional.

3. Two different studies found a rise in both suicides and heart attacks right after time changes. Both studies were published in 2008.

4. Time change reduces sleep and decreases productivity.

5. Frustration of changing all those clocks makes time change such a stressful period.

Rid societies in United States, Canada and all the other places of the world that participates in DST. It would resolve the five problems listed above. In addition, it would make life a little less complicated. Today with all the different twenty-four hour shifts going on, making a consistent time for these workers would help ensure a better quality of life. Society needs consistent time (CT) to foster better mental and physical stability.

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