Renovating Your Mind Gives Your Food Cabinets A Spring Makeover Part One

Having healthy essential staples available can help you whip up something good in a short period of time. Quick is great especially if the items are good for you.

First, go through all those packaged, canned and see-through canister edibles. Sight all those expiration dates. Trash those old puppies. Whatever you not going to use that’s still in-date, give it to the food bank.

Renovating Your Mind gives you essential items as the foundation for that next great meal.


Smelly Stuff

Canned Fish-albacore tuna or salmon that is can bathed in water. You get a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, great protein source and some incredible minerals like selenium and phosphorous. Use it with a cold salad, mix with pasta or make fish-salad sandwiches. This fruit from the sea is versatile and delicious.Sardines and herring are also part of this group.


Safer Artificial Sweetener

Renovating Your Mind thinks that sucralose is the safest sugar substitute.

Splenda generically is called sucralose

What chemists have done is take sugar and put a chlorine atom on each end. You taste the sweetness of sugar but because of the added chlorine the body cannot break down the chemical. It goes out of you tasting just as sweet. If your anus had taste buds it would be able to savor the sweetness of sucralose. Butt it doesn’t!

You can use sucralose for cooking or baking. It still retains the same degree of sweetness.

By far, sugar is still the safest sweetener as is honey, molasses and maple syrup.



Cooking Sprays

Many different types of oils are available for utilizing fewer calories to cook your food and prevent sticking to heated surfaces. You can get your own glass spray bottle in lieu of the manufactured cooking spray cans. Remember to keep the bottled oil cool and in a dark place to decrease chances for rancidity. Popular oils are canola and olive oil. There are others even some that are used specifically for grilling. There are convenient and will save you money versus bottled oils.


Thickening Ingredient


Cornstarch is a healthy alternate to butter and flour as a thickener. It doesn’t create lumps and does a better job providing a silkier mouth feel. All it takes is about a teaspoonful dissolved in some water and then add it to your dish.


Corn starch has an alternate use for people who exercise and runners. In areas where you may get chaffing, this starch will prevent friction. It also makes the skin feel silky and absorbs moisture. It adorns your private parts so well you may have to get a second container for the bathroom.


Powdered Egg White

What an excellent idea instead of wasting those yolks. You can reduce both the caloric and fat content by not using the whole egg. Use about 2 teaspoonfuls of the powder with 2 tablespoonfuls of warm water to replace 1 egg. You can also use this in lieu of eggs for many recipes. For omelets, use 1 real egg and then add enough whites for 3 more eggs. This way you get the great stuff that is in the one yolk, including the nutrition of the carotene yellow antioxidant and your omelet is still yellow.


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