Nutritional Scanners Is Renovating Your Mind On Stripping Down Your Produce To See What Nutrients Lie Under The Skin


Lush Green Makes These Nutrients Quite A Scene

Do you realize that nutrients in plants are dependent on the soil, water, temperature, the sun, the particles in the air and whatever the farmer utilizes for fertilizer in the field. You can never tell what lies beneath that plant skin. The hidden world of nutrients is set up to be exploited by man and technology.


Cut, Sautéed And Used To Make Bruschetta, OMG

Think about the scenario that goes on week after week. You meticulously sort through the produce offerings at your local market trying to pick out those “perfect” apples, pears and tomatoes. You get home and take a bite of that apple. With the first chew, you get a mushy mouth feel with an off-taste apple-like flavor. Next, your teeth sink into that pear, ready to savor its sweet crunchy goodness. It doesn’t even taste like a piece of fruit. It has both a flavor that you never expected with a taste not associated with what you saw in the store as a pear. You finally cut up that beautiful tomato for the spinach salad. Fork spiking that 1/8 piece of vibrant red, not anticipating what you see is not what you get, which is complete tastelessness. The beauty of produce is sometimes a mirage for some very expensive, lousy tasting, fruits and vegetables. That all may change in the near future with personal mobile nutritional scanners.


Multi-Purpose Scanner Proto-Type??

This little device uses NIR (near-infrared) technology which will tell us what produce has the most nutrients. Vitamin amounts usually run hand-in-hand with freshness, taste and the sweetness content of both fruits and vegetables. So you could compare organic to non-organic. The device would have the capability to find the best variety of organic apple from all the varieties in the stacks. You could compare cauliflower with kale with brussels sprouts with cabbage to see what cruciferous vegetable has the most antioxidants. Then you could base your dinner menu on the winner. Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the most nutrients of them all. The winner would what produce has the largest mother lode of phytonutrients (plant-based nutrients).


Molecules Stimulated And Moving All Around

How the device works is the principal of vibrating molecules. Different molecules will move in different ways so you can quantify their amounts in the living items. What scientists do is get a prodometric signature from each sample. This biometric signal would have a range that would indicate that the fruit or vegetable is at the peak of freshness. The results would be available in seconds.

The problems are the costs. You would have to get the device down to less than $100 for the consumer to consider this item a value commodity for shopping. The size must be shrunk to that of a cell phone or smaller. Therefore, it can be easily stored in a purse or shirt pocket. The technology is being hammered out with regards to nutritional substances and the concentration of those substances. So the database of information in this device is a massive undertaking to be stored on a small tiny chip. The wonders of technology blow my mind!


Without Roadblocks Life Just Wouldn’t Be Exciting

When do we expect delivery? Got my fingers crossed for 2015, although I may be too optimistic with that forecast. Clear and sunny with a definite chance of a high precipitation of nutrients coming to future produce near you.

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