Miracle Berry Will Turn That Bitter Frown Upside Down-Fruit That Sweetens Up A Sour Party


Miracle In A Berry

Miracle Berry is also known as the unpronounceable Synsepalum dulcificum. It’s taste is like that of a dampened version of the cranberry. This red fruit from West Africa contains a protein that blocks our ability to taste sour and bitter.

Tongue-Five -different-taste-buds

Blocks Tastes For Sour/Bitter Thereby Blocking Taste Buds Signal To The Brain

By covering up these taste receptors on the tongue, it allows only the sweet portions of food to register in taste centers of our brain. They call the protein miraculin. It completely alters our senses of flavor.

An example of the perfect food that works well with the Miracle Berry would be any tart acidic fruit.


Chug That Down

Even vinegar works well to taste sweet because its acetic acid. Lets take a very sour lemon. With the Miracle Berry, our body only senses the sugars in a lemon and ignores the bitter and sour tastes.


Tastes Like Lemonade

End result is the lemon tastes sweet. The more acid in the food, the better this process works on our taste buds. The food needs to contain some type of sugar to make this process work on our tongue.

The Miracle Berry has a very short shelf-life so it’s also made into tablets with cornstarch as a binder. Whether you purchase the fruit or tablet they are all very expensive. Berries can cost up to $5 a piece and tablets run up $1.50 each. With the fruit, you suck on the berry, remove the skin and move the pulp around your mouth with your tongue. Do not bite that seed because it reverses the effects of the pulp. Spit the seed out. I would plant it and see of it grows. If you purchase the tablets then you suck do not chew on the tablet. Move it around with your tongue until it has completely dissolved in your mouth. Your are now ready to respond to the dinner bell.


Fast Grower From Jungles Of West Africa

Plants are also available so you can raise your own Miracle Berries. Probably the most cost-effective way to go if you have sufficient patience waiting for the fruit to appear on the plant. It does grow about 20 feet high so you would need a high ceiling or a good pruning very often. It is an evergreen plant that bears fruit twice yearly.

The effects for the fruit or tablet lasts for to 1- 1/2 hours, which is more than enough time for a full meal. You also have partial residual effects for hours afterwards.

The phenomenal thing with these berries is that you can make broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and other somewhat bitter-tasting vegetables taste sweet. Adults and children that normally wouldn’t be caught dead eating this stuff can now love these foods. Its amazing what a little red berry can do to help us improve our diets. Miraculin is now being produced by genetically altered tomato plants. In time the price of the berries and tablets should drop precipitously.


Mon, Freaking Out With Sugar-Like Passion Eating Frenzy

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