Did Presidents Washington And Lincoln Need Aphrodisiacs?

In the early part of countries history, there wasn’t much on the market for these “First Lady Divas” and their men!


Martha Looks Like Georgie

Mrs. Washington probably had a secret that didn’t wander out beyond the bedroom doors. As soon as the last candle was blown out, aromatics filled the air. Volatile spices like vanilla, clove, ginger, nutmeg and cardamon may have sparked the mood to give George those rosy cheeks he wears in the paintings. We have come to believe that the “Father of Our Country” was probably sterile. Unfortunately no matter what type of aphrodisiac spice was used nor how much the mattress was kneaded the couple never produced a child.


Some Called Mary Todd, Hell Cat

Abe knew that Mrs. Lincoln was a little off. Maybe it was due to her migraine headaches. It could also been that she was truly nuts. Either way, hell cat made those springs creak in the bedroom with Abraham to produce 4 children. This scenario could have been ushered in by chocolate. It was just starting to be imported from Europe in the 1800’s.


Dreamy, Deliciously Creamy, Love Squares

This confectionery contains the “love chemical” called phenylethylamine (PEA) which is why you get that pleasurable feeling from consuming chocolate. Know as one of the natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins released by your brain when you fall in love. Also in chocolate are two stimulants known as theobromine (cousin to caffeine) and caffeine. So together, they have synergistic energizer powers that push the lever higher on the “romance effect”. Let’s not forget the silky smooth mouth feel of combining fat, sugar and cocoa together in perfect harmony. How could Hersey’s Chocolate not have been a success later on in the latter 1800’s.


Make It Stand With Yohimbe Man!

From the bark of an evergreen trees comes an African remedy for a loss in sex drive called yohimbe. It’s available over the counter and also as a prescription medication. Its effective in the prescription strength for impotency. Over the counter formulation is not regulated, therefore potency and ingredients could vary depending on the batch.


Happy Goats Eat The Right Weeds. 🙂

Chinese discovered a herb that made sheep go crazy on each other. They called it yin yang huo. Later it was renamed horny goat weed and sold as an aphrodisiac over the counter. It has the potential to help sexual dysfunction.

The came prescription medications used to treat erectile dysfunction. This is the inability to maintain or develop an erection.

Stiff drugs all started in 1998. Known now as the generic, sildenafil, it was called Viagra. It acts on the penis just like nitroglycerin (for angina) acts on the heart. The penis is filled with long tunnels called corpus cavernosum. This is a bunch of spongy tissue. When brain senses romance in the air, this tissue releases a chemical called nitric oxide. Blood vessels then start opening up and filling with blood for the “Boingo Effect” (erection). Eventually what goes up must come down. Sildenafil either stops the loss of the erection or initiates the come up effect.

Other drugs after Viagra were Levitra and Cialis.

Levitra worked faster and lasted longer than Viagra.

Cialis also works faster than Viagra and lasts longer than Levitra.

Future Of Sexual Dysfunction Medication:

Uprima is available in Europe. They are working on a nasal formulation, which causes less side effects for possible approval in US. The medication works by increasing sexual interest and sensations. It targets dopamine in the brain.

An interesting medication is called Topiglan. This is a cream that is applied to the penis. It has been used for decades as an injectable and penile suppository to produce a quick erection. May take a few years before the FDA has a chance to review medication for U.S. market.


Happy Presidents Day

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