The Buck Stops Where?


Owners of The Federal Reserve:

Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam and Hamburg, Lehman Brothers of New York, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Goldman Sachs of New York, Chase Manhattan of New York and there are more, many more.

The U.S. Federal Reserve is a  private organization, not owed by the United States.  Like any independent banker, it lends our country and foreign countries money. At least 9% or more of our National Debt is owed to the Federal Reserve. We also pay them interest on this debt.

Notice above in the caption, one of the owners of The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank (independent bank) called Goldman Sachs. The Federal Reserve uses Goldman Sachs in the current  QE3 (Quantative Easing Part 3) having them package $40 billion a month in bonds. Goldman Sachs is paid a lucrative amount to put together these pretty bonds for the Federal Reserve to sell in the marketplace.



Dollar shrinking because of inflation, soon we won’t be able to fit Pres. Washington’s head on the bill without eliminating his powdered wig.

Alexander Hamilton and Pres. Thomas Jefferson always disagreed about the United States having a National Bank. Both James Madison and Thomas Jefferson  claimed that the bank was unconstitutional, and that it benefited merchants and investors at the expense of the majority of the population.

What is QE? US Federal Reserve Bank has  ability to conjure up U.S. money. Does this dilute the value of your dollar? What do you think? What is backing your dollar, Ben Bernanke? What it does is allow is the government to throw money out in the marketplace. It has allowed the stock market to rise to the occasion.


Does It Matter What Party Gets Elected?

The Money Cartel Pulls The Levers Behind the Scenes.

This is where politics come into play. Many of our congressman, senators and other elected officials are given money by banking lobbies to help them win elections. Both President Obama and Mitt Romney received funds from Goldman Sachs as well as other banks that are part of the US Federal Reserve System. So when the government needs money for wars, social programs, education they go to the US Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve lends our government the money with significant interest. Who ends up paying for this money? Taxpayers.

Site Brings You To U.S. Continual Updated National Debt Clock

The National Debt is headed up to 16.4 (16,400,000,000,000) trillion dollars.  Almost 5.5 trillion of that 16.4 trillion is owed to foreign countries.  We owe China and Japan about 50% of that 5.5 trillion dollar figure. We are also paying them interest on that debt.

The Fiscal Cliff, starting in ’13, will cause an increase in our Federal taxes and  budget cuts saving $607 billion dollars. The deficit,  from only 2012 show we are in the hole by $1,327 (1,327,000,000) billion. So cutting $607 (607,000,000,000) billion will only leave us with a deficit of $720 billion (720,000,000,000). In effect, cutting out yearly debt almost in half. We are still in debt nationally 16.4 trillion dollars not including the interest we are paying on that enormous amount. The reality is that the National Debt will continue to increase, but only at a slower rate. So we will have at least $720 billion added to that figure of 16.4 trillion yearly if President Obama and Speaker of the House, John A. Boehner do nothing. Remember, that these 2 politicians have been playing with this issue since Jan. 2010. Can they solve in 2 more days what they couldn’t resolve for almost 24 months? Hope so.

National Debt as of 2012, $16.4 (16,400,000,000,000) trillion.

Yearly debt in 2012, $1,327 (1,327,000,000) billion.

Savings yearly of $607 (607,000,000,000) billion,  if economic issues not resolved in 2012 and fiscal cliff initiates.

Still have in 2013,  at very least $720 (720,000,000,000) billion in the hole added to already bloated $16.4 (16,400,000,000,000)  trillion  budget deficit.

By the end of 2013, with the fiscal cliff enacted by no action by elected officials,  we will have a debt of at least $17.12 (17,120,000,000,000) billions.


Looking for another  Pres. Harry Truman?

Can we have a choice to elect a high-ranking official who can show us fiscal responsibility?

Where the buck stops now, is right in front of every US consumer’s face and their pockets.  We can’t continue to dilute the dollar. Ultimately, we are going to be faced with hyperinflation and default.


Make the Federal Reserve open their books.

Authorize complete transparency of The US Federal Reserve.

Run the United States as a business.

Audit Fort Knox to see how much of  “our” gold is there.

Allow precious metals to back our currency once again.

Stop nominating bobbleheads.


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