The U.S. Needs A Political Reboot!

The majority of politicians in Washington and throughout the states are bunch of self-serving narcissists. Everyone is disgusted with government. This is one of the primary reasons why a large majority of citizens are for a Trump Administration. Opponents say the man has zero political experience, is a loudmouth and insensitive to minorities. “Renovating Your Mind” says look at all the alternatives in both parties. Mr. Donald Trump is leading the polls because  citizens want someone outside of politics. The “old boy and girl network” gets nothing done and is an embarrassment. Politics as is, no longer works for improving our country. Society continues to suffer from a deteriorating power grid, infrastructure that’s falling apart (the bridges man), ancient waterworks, little pharmaceutical innovation and an antiquated air travel. Innovations are down the toilet primarily due to corporate and political greed. Please set aside the half-dozen or so innovative US companies like Apple, Google, Disney, etc. They are the few exceptions left that actually create the only fun and excitement that are offered to Americans today.

Since the latest sub-mortgage fiasco exploded in 2008, the United States hasn’t been the same. The best country in the world slowly being taken down by down by politicians, Corporate America, Wall Street and the banking monopoly.


The Federal Reserve under the Bush and Obama Administration has issued three QE (Quantitative Easing) Programs printing up trillions of “fake” dollars to fluff up the economy. It probably kept us out of another depression. Reality is that it just kicked the “problem money can” further into the future to explode into a financial ruin scenario for all. The too big to fail “bad banks” were fined. Very few individuals were punished with monetary and/or  jail time. So the banking criminals are still walking around freely, thinking of new ways to abuse the system.

The National Debt is now nearly 19 trillion dollars. During the Bush administration it went up nearly 5 trillion portraits of George Washington. So far, under the Obama years, debt has increased by 8 trillion plus. So under the almost 16 years of Republican and Democratic control, our National Debts have increased by almost 68%. We need a third viable party aside from the Jackass and the Donkey. Why do you think citizens don’t trust government?



Take a look at what our system did with former Senator and Governor of NJ, Jon Corzine. He was the former CEO of Goldman Sachs. This specific example shows how you and I would end up with millions of dollars of fines and a decade or more of prison time. Mr. Cozine had to go in front of Congress to face his demons but was never prosecuted for any of his crimes. He was the CEO of MF Global that lost 1.6 billion dollars for shareholders and was charged with bankruptcy of the company. No one was brought up for charges. He and others that committed these acts walk freely around our country. As do the hundreds of individuals that destroyed our financial system in the 2008 culmination of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco.

The bottom line with all this abuse within the system is to hold individuals within corporations accountable for their illegal actions. No one, no matter what their wealth, connections or political affiliation should be above the law. It’s not enough for these Corporate entities to only pay fines. This allows them the freedom to continue reinventing ways to get around the law and abuse the public.

Let’s take our country back! Vote out all incumbents that are trying to do destroy what the Founding Fathers started in the United States of America.  A quality society with “justice for all.”

Photo credit: wallyg via / CC BY-NC-ND

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Photo credit: Center for American Progress Action Fund via / CC BY-ND

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  1. Love the morphed pic between Bush and Obama. The debt has increased way more than 68%, more like 800% under these two bozos. Power needs to be back in the hands of the citizens, not corrupt career political politicians that vote themselves salaries for life and elite health care. I blame the jackass and the elephant for this mess. So how do we take it back? Sites like this are a place to start. Citizens need direct control over laws that are passed and money that is spent.


  2. Great Blog !!!


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