Sunday Is Time For Contemplation


We all need to break away occasionally from everything else and look into the past. Thinking back to previous moments that made us feel good.

It doesn’t matter the crazy routes life took us to get here. We would never be, at this very instant, unless all those events (positive and negative) made the NOW!

Look at yourself in the mirror. What you see is a unique being unlike anyone else on the face of this planet. Your priceless value starts in your own head. Remember one of my teachers saying, “Look down go down. Look up, you will always go up.”

Here is some personal things that I want to share with you.

Thinking about the past, no regrets for anything I have done at each moment in time. You can’t keep backseat driving your life to infinity because it’s a waste of precious future.

Some of my dysfunctions have slowly been washed off my body by mental showering. Others that remain, I continue trying to understand why they exist in my very being of self.


One of the most powerful words, at least in an Italian family background like mine, is guilt. It’s a controlling, negative force that allows others to lasso your mind into their own personal rodeo. That word has been crossed out of my dictionary long ago. After decades of self-analysis, I was able to untie the knot and go unbridled into the world. The mental freedom experienced post-guilt is beyond exhilarating. Even your mistakes become liberating because they are “your” mistakes.

My current meditation mantra is William Arthur Ward’s quote, “if you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”

It makes no difference on the number of hurdles you must jump to achieve your goal. You will fall, possibly numerous times, but the strength you gather will help you complete the course.

Want to leave you with this link from The Happsters below:

“The Happsters” Always Takes Optimism To New Levels.


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  1. With you in each and every line. I know that imaging or rethinking what we want to do gradually drags to the destination finding or making paths.


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