Exercise Is More Valuable Than You Could Ever Have Imagined….


Bang Those Sets Out Grandmom!

When you move your body, your intestinal tract moves with it. A body that is in poor external condition, results in an intestinal tract that doesn’t have the tone it needs for functioning optimally. Think of our human shape as a doughnut. Within the hole that resides in the middle of our Life Saver body, is our gastrointestinal tract (G.I.).


Knited GI Tract

From mouth opening, through the esophagus, down into stomach, across to the small intestine and to the odoriferous anus ending of the large intestine, is an amazing 30 feet in length. This long tube is lined with muscle, separated by valves which are muscular, and contents of which are being churned with muscle-like contractions to absorb the nutrition of the food. The whole structure’s ability to function correctly is based on muscle tone and keeping it in great shape. This all depends on exercise. You exercise externally and that movement is internalized, also giving your GI tract a good workout.

Being in good shape means less fatty tissue and more muscular lean tissue. The more lean in your body, the higher your basal (basic functioning) metabolic (body) rate. This rate is the amount of calories of energy it takes you to just lay awake in bed looking at the ceiling. The body needs to maintain certain things to stay alive. Our long rectangular sack of organized protoplasm, in order to survive, must be at a certain specific body temperature (98.6 F). Along with the temperature, calories of energy are needed for a beating heart, the pair of expanding and contracting lungs, a filtering system called the kidneys and an electrically/chemically thinking mind. Together, they all require a certain amount of calories a day to produce a functioning human being. This total caloric expenditure from all these process totaled is the basal metabolic rate. The better the fitness of your human shape, the higher your basal metabolic rate optimally burning more calories at rest. The highest metabolism possible, to burn off the most calories over a certain period of time, goes hand in hand with consistent exercise.

The fatter you get, the bigger your fat cells become in the body. They also start increasing in number around your mid-section, buttocks, thighs and hips. Bigger fat cells mean abnormal cells that lose the ability to communicate with hormones and other cells. They stop properly responding to the hormone, insulin. Therefore, glucose (sugar) cannot get into the cell to be utilized by the body. Glucose starts building up rapidly outside the cells and more insulin is sent in to help. Cell still does not respond to even higher amounts of insulin. Also, other chemical hormones don’t work like leptin. Leptin, tells the brain, you have had enough food, stop eating. Fat cells don’t respond to leptin and no message gets sent to the brain to cease eating, therefore you continue to consume more food.




Proud To Be, The Changes You’ll See

1. Induces internal muscular tone in your intestinal tract to keep it in top performance.

2. Being or getting into good shape, induces a higher metabolic rate. This rate allows the body keep burning more calories faster, therefore ensuring weight lose and maintenance of desired weight.


Exercise With Nature As A Partner

3. The activity is a priority like a good nights and great healthy dietary habits. Make exercise into something you look forward to doing on a daily basis. Pick a beautiful place to run, walk, job or bike.

4. Abnormally fat, fat cells or too many of those fat cells do not respond properly to hormones. Insulin, leptin and other chemical messengers are not able to function properly. Therefore sugar levels, insulin production and weight gain continues unabated. This creates a vicious cycle leading to weight gain, body destruction, morbidity and eventually early mortality.


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  1. I needed a boost and this post of yours just did it. Thanks or posting something of true help and inspiration.It is informative and interesting too.



  2. Exercising is a MUST not a should, we realize it soon or later. The sooner is the is best


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