A Weight Loss Idea On The Edge…Part One

A lot of people in the U.S. are overweight or obese. In fact, normal weight people are in the minority. I can give you hundreds of reasons why it’s not your fault. I can also give you many reasons why the finger gets pointed directly at you. I’m not here to lay blame. I’m here, because you may need assistance, and think you tried everything out there. You’re frustrated and don’t know where to go for help. Below, you will find simple directions to lead you down a path that you may never have noticed before today. The information is recent and still being developed, but you need to understand how it may chance millions of lives, including your own. Please help me, by spreading this blog to your friends. Updates will continue as more information becomes available from researchers.


Chewing The Cud

Think of animals. Take cattle. Cows are treated with antibiotics to put major pounds on them. If you cut the time for the animal to reach butcher weight, the sooner the rancher will see the profits from the meat.  Antibiotics alter the bacteria environment inside the cow. They make the animal much fatter, faster, by completely changing how food is broken down.


Love Their Yogurt

In recent studies, yogurt has made mice both slimmer and sexier. Their fur coats got thicker and shinier. Mice testicles were also proclaiming their presence, by getting noticeably bigger. Female mice showed closer bonding with their offspring and also made better mothers.

This all has to do with how bacteria influence our intestinal tract. In animals like cattle, kill off the good bacteria and they got a lot fatter in a short period of time. In mice, give them beneficial cultures (probiotics from yogurt) and they look better, act better and love life. Give overweight rodents good bacteria, and they lose weight.

Research has shown that good bacteria, in the right places, may cause weight loss in humans.

Bacteria are part of our life. If we count the number of bacteria in our bodies versus our own cells, bacteria outnumber our cells 10 to 1. Normal bacteria flora help us to lead a better interior life. So we need to help them, help us, by improving what we drop down into our stomach.


No Contaminants-Best Effects

Start to incorporate yogurt into your daily menu. Choose the brand with the widest varieties of active cultures on the market. A brand I recommend is made by Stonyfield Yogurt in New Hampshire. The plain is the best because there is no sugar added. You can then blend plain yogurt with frozen or fresh fruits to make smoothies. They also have a multitude of flavors with all different levels of fat. Another added quality of Stonyfield yogurt, is that they’re organic and their added fruits have no artificial colors or flavors. Your daily yogurt participation would need about 2-3 months to build up a nice audience of good bacteria in your gut.


Less Fat, More Calcium

Introducing the friendly bacteria in Stonyfield Yogurt

1. S. thermophilus

2. L. bulgaricus

3. L. acidophilus

4. Bifudis

5. L. casei

6. L. rhamnosus


Tart Taste-Can Add Honey And Fruit

Future studies with beneficial bacteria will determine if any specific types of bacteria work or work better than others for weight loss. Other studies are focusing on the same bacteria but research is looking at their positive mental health effects.

Hippocrates, a famous Greek physician, in the year 440 BC said, “Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food”. We have finally come to fruition with that fact, 2,383 years after his death.

Worst case scenario, you have just put 6 types of beneficial bacteria in your body. In addition, you are also getting a healthy daily dose of calcium, Vitamin D, potassium and protein. Best case scenario, you start to lose weight and feel better mentally as the friendly bacteria start to feel comfortable in their new home, your gastrointestinal tract (GI).

Purchase some yogurt and let the good bugs start renovating you today.

Following Video Is Over Five Years Old But Narration And Animation Is Great

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  1. Interesting concept……………………now will it work??????


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