Colors, Colors Everywhere! Dyes May Hurt You, I Know You Care!


Colors, Just To Sell A Product And Sell-Out Your Health

Why do we use food dyes in the United States derived from petroleum products and coal-tar derivatives? In fact, why do we use food dyes at all except, maybe, to dye Easter Eggs.

Use of dyes for food has been going on for more than 100 years. Here is a brief breakdown of what coloring are currently approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the U.S.)  for use in things that go into your mouth and on your skin. They are all FD&C dyes. This means that it is FDA approved for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics. FD&C should stand for  Forever Damns Corporations that utilize this crap to color foods.

Blue No. 1-causes occasional allergic reactions, small cancer risk in animals

Blue No. 2-evidence that causes brain cancer in male rate

Green No. 3-possible bladder and testicular tumors in rats

Red No. 3-strong case for causing thyroid tumors in rats, FDA has tried to ban but US Dept. of Agriculture and maraschino cherry industry won the fight

Red No. 40-most widely used of all dyes, can cause allergic reactions, mouse tests were not done properly and not repeated over time

Yellow No. 5-causes allergic reactions usually in those aspirin sensitive individuals, trigger for hyperactivity in children, contaminated with cancer causing substances

Yellow No. 6-in animals, causes both adrenal and kidney tumors, contaminated with several carcinogens, sometimes causes hypersensitivity reactions

These following dyes are only allowed for specific uses:


Junk Meat, Cesspool Within A Fake Color Casing

1. Orange Bonly for hot dog and sausage casings, doses in excess are harmful to liver and gall bladder.


Oranges, With Dye


Oranges Without Dye. Tastes The Same.

2. Citrus Red 2only to color orange peels-most of this dye not ingested, so risk is low

The initial impact that all these colors have on our health was brought to the public attention by Dr. Feingold. Dr. Ben Feingold was a medical doctor and pediatric allergist in California. He had a hypothesis in the early 70’s, that artificial colors, artificial flavors and aspirin-containing products were responsible for kids being out of control with their behavior. He suggested a diet free of artificial colors and flavors, free of salicylates (aspirin-containing compounds) and the preservatives BHA and BHT. He called this appropriately, The Feingold Diet. There was big controversy because some patients were helped by it and others were not. Some physicians were devoted followers and other medical doctors said it was ludicrous. Dr. Feingold reported that when his patients diet was changed to The Feingold Program, their behavior problems were improved. In the four decades following Dr. Feingold’s initial thoughts, many patients that stopped using the chemicals highlighted in Feingold’s diet, exhibited normalcy.


Behavior Problems Worsened By Colored Artificial World

Some children’s behavior is worsened with artificial colors. A few recent British studies have shown that combinations of food dyes have resulted in abnormal behavior. There was also a meta-analysis in the 2000’s that linked artificial dyes to adverse children’s behavior. Meta-analysis is where they combine more than two studies to show an effect.

Here are the facts that really make a difference!

1. Most of these colors are used in junk foods, stay away!

2. If you don’t buy them, YOU make an impact on the manufacturer. If sales go down enough, they will discontinue the product(s). YOU can make a difference!

3. Most of this crap that contains these colors are junk cereal, candy, cookies, snacks, dessert powders, drugs, baked goods, pet food, ice cream, sorbet, and any many other foods. PLEASE, READ THE LABELS.

4. READ THE LABELS. Buy alternate foods that don’t have dye listed in their ingredient labeling.

They are over 15 million pounds a year as of 2011 used in U.S. foods as artificial food dyes. Let’s decrease that amount significantly for 2013! Fluorescent colors are out! Look for labels with NO artificial colors.

Corporations already take full advantage of us as employees. Make them stop contaminating our food supply with artificially added harmful colors. If you don’t purchase them, they will not continue to make them.


 Once A Year, OK…




Carcinogenic Nightmare!!

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  1. Thank you for your blog! Did you know that there is a support group for families avoiding dyes, etc.? It’s called the Feingold Association. Check it out. I’m a member and am so grateful for it.


  2. Thank you for sharing all of this information. It really does make sense and it is helpful for us to know this. I had no idea that food coloring was damaging to health and could cause some behavior issues for kids. This may explain some of the misbehavior of my kids, although they are all well behaved everywhere but home. This is still harmful to health and I thank you for sharing.


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