The Mind Is A Dangerous Thing…To Waste

You can find references all over the place stating what percentage of our mind we actually put to use during all lives. Even one mistakenly attributed quote from a man who couldn’t find his comb, Albert Einstein, who had supposedly said we only use 10% of our brain. He never said that. Fact is, we don’t know how much of our brain we actually use for higher intelligence.


I want you to think about two examples that have personally happened to me.

Ever been involved in a crisis situation (mine was a car accident) where it seemed that everything started to slow down? You could see things going on in minute detail. In these situations, the brain processing rate increases and a longer time is perceived by the individual. A lot more energy is put out by the neurons (nerves in your brain) in a short burst of real-time.

Have you ever been told that a certain type of vehicle or cell phone is so popular that wherever you look out in public it’s everywhere? Then suddenly, you notice the particular item everywhere you go. Your contact changes your perception of how you filter what you see out in the street. With the filter taken off your focus changes to the particular vehicle or cell phone.

In the first example, the body has evolved to survive and by this accumulation of data allows fast decision-making so you can react quickly to a traumatic event. The mind has changed how you perceived reality by altering your senses.

In the second example, your friend’s words changed your perception of how you filter what you see out in the street. What the mind initially filtered out, becomes the focus and the new brain reality sees a lot more of these items.

Let us go a step further with the mind. Tomorrow morning, you have the ability to positively influence whoever you interact with in the world. You must visualize a happy internal self. Positive thinking is contagious because individuals sense this aura around you. This sense is a sub-conscious one but elicits more smiles, energy and  happiness from those around you.

Make tomorrow the start of a great week.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Both of these phenomena sound very familiar. A few years ago I had a motorcycle accident. The second example typically applies after I’ve made a purchase. All of a sudden, the same item starts showing up all around you.


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